Sanctuary Has Been Saved

by arkeus

I live.

In other news, Ludum Dare 23 and Diablo III ate up the last 2 months. I created Faelanx for LD23, and after the competition I put a little bit of time into improving it. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish (and I’m still waiting on some art) because then Diablo 3 was released and that ate up until now.

I’ve slowly started migrating back into more productive things. Right now I’m working on version 0.9.2 of Axel, and after that I can get back to working on a game. I’ll need to finish some small things in the post-compo version of Faelanx first and release that. But afterwards, I haven’t quite decided what I want to work on (probably For Fate or DH3), so we’ll see. Hopefully once I do I can start posting more often with cool progress updates.

Anyway, just wanted to show I didn’t die. Yet.