Current Projects

by arkeus

I thought I would start off by listing off a few of my current projects. Before I do though, let me say that it’s likely that I will finish none of them. With that said…

Diamond Hollow II
A sequel to Diamond Hollow, the first game I’ve finished in a long time (I’ll probably do a full post on it at some point). The first was created over the course of a single weekend, so it’s extremely limited in scope. I want to take the same idea, but expand it to include more (story mode, time attack mode, bosses, powerups, different guns, tons of achievements, etc). This is the main thing I am working on right now and am making great progress. Since the art is really limited, this is my best shot at getting something done.

Tentatively named, Runworlds is an autorunner RPG. For example, take cannabalt, add melee attacks, add enemies, add spells you can learn, add leveling up and traditional RPG stats, add an in depth item system with randomly generated affixes similar to Diablo II, add achievements, and add different worlds, and now you have Runworlds. I very much want to name it Runscape, but I’m sure that will cause many problems with everyone seeing “Runescape” instead, so I’m not sure where I’ll go with the name. The majority of the code needed for this was finished awhile back, but I thought I’d try my hand at hiring artist(s) to do the artwork. Unfortunately, that has proven very slow and I’m probably going to need to split up the work and find different people to do different parts.

Codenamed Prism, this is something I did a lot of planning for, but haven’t really dove into yet, simply due to the large nature of the project and the sheer amount of art required. Think of a mix between Link To The Past, Diablo II, and some Harvest Moon elements.

Unnamed Match3 Game
Going into the last Ludum Dare I started making a match3 game early on. I realized that it wouldn’t be the best LD entry, I gave it up, but with every intention of returning to it, since I think it could be pretty fun.

This Website
This blog was thrown together on a whim to have somewhere to post my progress and thoughts, but I’d like to expand it. One thing I need to do is make a projects page to showcase my work. Currently each project I am working on is hosted on a simple page like but I’d like to make it more centralized in that they all will all share the same code and have some features on the page for feedback and whatnot.

Hopefully I’ll make some good progress on these so that I have something interesting to put on this blog! 🙂