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It’s locked.

Just a little progress on For Fate that I thought I’d share.

Recent Ludum Dares

I name this post “recent” Ludum Dares, but honestly I haven’t really posted anything about any of my entries for over a year. Anyway, I wanted to give an update, but I don’t have enough cool stuff on new projects yet to show, so I thought I’d step back and post about recent Ludum Dare […]


In preparation of building new features for Axel I started a basic rewrite of Runworlds, my autorunner rpg. It was going to just be a simple prototype using the new graphics such that I had a playground to test new Axel features. And then I got carried away and it became a full project (sorry Diamond […]

Theme Change

Going to be changing the blog’s theme to something simpler. Hang in there if things get a bit crazy. 🙂 Edit: Success! Now I just need to actually create the projects page at some point, and add some posts about updates to current projects…

Some Progress On For Fate

Insert obligatory introduction paragraph about how I need to post more on the blog. Proceed to rarely post. Now that that’s over, I thought I’d post some updates showing some of the progress made on For Fate. I haven’t been able to work on it much, and probably won’t be able to work on it […]


I’ve been meaning to create an iOS app for a long time, in order to gain the experience of the whole process. Once it became easy to export flash games to an iOS app via Adobe AIR, I didn’t really have an excuse anymore. Because of this, I’ve finally gotten around to releasing Glissade. Glissade […]

Sanctuary Has Been Saved

I live. In other news, Ludum Dare 23 and Diablo III ate up the last 2 months. I created Faelanx for LD23, and after the competition I put a little bit of time into improving it. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish (and I’m still waiting on some art) because then Diablo 3 was released and that ate […]

Axel Flash Framework Released

Axel is an open source library that makes flash game development as easy as possible. Axel takes advantage of Flash Player 11’s Stage3D in order to offload all the rendering to the GPU in order to gain huge performance boosts over the typical flash display list. As of Adobe Air 3.2, Stage3D is also supported when building your games for mobile […]

Temple of Destiny

I didn’t get any work done on For Fate this weekend, since I spent every working moment working on a prototype for a Stage3D hardware accelerated flixel-like game library. However, since I haven’t posted in awhile, I thought I’d post a screenshot of the temple.


Want updates on games I’m currently working on? Follow me on twitter! I often post updates and screenshots of things I’m working on before I post here (and sometimes I don’t update here), simply because it’s a much quicker and more casual environment. It’s a nice place for me to talk about things as I’m […]