Some Progress On For Fate

by arkeus

Insert obligatory introduction paragraph about how I need to post more on the blog. Proceed to rarely post.

Now that that’s over, I thought I’d post some updates showing some of the progress made on For Fate. I haven’t been able to work on it much, and probably won’t be able to work on it much soon, but progress is progress.

Some initial work on the inventory system. With a pony. Of course.

Work on the stats and party section of the menu.

Kal’s hometown, Cendar.

Cendar weapon shop.

A house.

There’s still a million things left to do, but my general order of things right now is get enough content (maps) and then start working on tying it all together.

For those still waiting for news about Diamond Hollow III, I’ve started thinking about it, making decisions about some of the higher level things (how the weapon/upgrades will work, how the maps will work, etc. I’ve think I’ve settled on going with a more traditional metroidvania style map system (exploring linked rooms, etc) in a full 2d world, rather than sticking with the traditional climbing up. It’s a different direction than the previous 2 DH’s, but it will allow me to do more cool stuff that I couldn’t do before. However, it’s still in the early planning stages, so I probably won’t have anything cool to show for awhile. But don’t worry, Silo will be back, and he’s got his heart set on saving SAGA.