Arzea And Other Progress

by arkeus

I’m not dead! (I know you were worried…)

I knew I said I’d try to post more, but somehow that turned into not posting at all. If I believed in following new year’s resolutions I’d make one to post more…

Anyway, my work has been scattered lately. The end of last year saw the release of a lot of high profile games, so that took quite a big chunk of my time. I still haven’t even taken Skyward Sword out of the shrinkwrap though, as much as I’d like to. Also, Ludum Dare 22 took place at the end of December which I participated in. You can view my entry (Arzea) by clicking here (screenshots at the bottom of this post). After it was over, I spent a bit of time improving it and making it longer and I expect to release it soon.

Before all that I had continued to make progress on the For Fate battle system. Hopefully when I get some of the later details ironed out I’ll make a post detailing the battle system in its entirety. Most of the basics of it are done. However, I’m starting to get into areas of the battle system that require dependent systems to be in place. Currently I want to get the item-usage in battle working, but for that I need the entire backend for items and inventory to be in place, which is what I have transitioned to working on.

Anyway, I’ll try harder to post more than once every four months! Hopefully I’ll start having more to show at some point soon, but unfortunately backend systems don’t lend themselves well to screenshots.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of my Ludum Dare 22 entry. I managed to place 11th overall, and 5th in two separate categories: