Death Consequences

by arkeus

Was walking home today and was thinking about how I should handle the consequences of dying in battle. I’m not a fan of losing everything since your last save when you die, for a few reasons. First, it’s extremely frustrating if you aren’t constantly taking time to save and then you lose a bunch of progress. Second, I have to make the game much easier otherwise I lose a lot of players due to that frustration. And finally, because I think saving is something you should do before you quit, not something you should be forced to do constantly even though you have no intention of quitting.

As such, I think the solution I’m going to go with is that if you saved on the map you are currently on, you’ll return to that spot when you die with all the monsters on the map respawned. If you didn’t, you will simply return to where you entered that map, also with the monsters respawned. However, any progress you’ve made you will keep, including items, experience, treasure chests, etc. This way you are penalized, but there is much less frustration involved. Also, if for some reason you are underleveled, this will help catch you up both by keeping your experience, and by the monsters respawning.

This also makes me want to have an auto save feature (such as after every battle and every map change), but I’m not entirely sure about that. I know a lot of people like the freedom to save back and forth between different save files. Perhaps I will have an option that will auto save to whatever file you loaded/last saved to, and allow you to turn it off. That should cater to both audiences, and by having auto save on by default, you won’t lose a lot of progress if flash suddenly decides to crash.

Any thoughts?